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Dancing with Atoms!

One of the etymology of the word, ‘dancing’ is ‘the desire of life’. African indigenous dances retain the fundamental rhythms and emotions of mankind.
What would be the dancing of atoms, the most fundamental rhythms of the universe?
Maybe we can find the 'desire of being' from the dancing of the atoms.
Dancing of atoms
We are developing technologies
that directly observe group dancing of atoms and molecules.

The movement of very small entities like atoms and molecules is extremely fast.
We have developed a technique to observe smaller than 0.01 nanometers (10-11 meters) and faster than 100 femtoseconds (10-13 seconds) using ultrashort electron beams.
We are looking for those who are studying ultrafast nano-scopic properties of solid and gaseous samples.

Let’s see and feel the rhythm of atoms. Then, shall we dance with atoms?