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MeV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Facility

This UED apparatus is one of unique tools for observing the ultrafast (within a few ps) change of atomic/molecular structure. It is operated by a relativistic (MeV) electron bunch with a fs bunch duration and frequency-selectable pumping light sources from ultraviolet to terahertz wave.
Features and
  • MeV electron bunch generation and acceleration in RF-photocathode
  • Specially designed and developed electron beamlines for UED experiments satisfying both achromatic and isochronous conditions
  • Enable to measure the ultrafast structural dynamics of solid- and gaseous specimens
  • High-performance CCD camera measurement and analysis
Specification is Beam parameter, Measured value, Unit
Beam parameter Measured value Unit
UV laser spot size@cathode (FWHM) 0.2~0.5 mm
UV pulse duration@cathode (FWHM) 130 fs
Bunch charge of electrons 0.4~2.5 pC
Beam kinetic energy 2.8~3.2 MeV
Energy spread (rms) ~0.23 %
Normalized emittance 0.23~0.34 mm-mrad
Bunch length of electrons (rms) ~30 fs
Arrival timing jitter between electron & laser pulses <20 fs
Instrumental temporal resolution ~44 fs
  • Utilization area
    • Observation and investigation of physical mechanisms in nature such as, synthesis, decomposition, and melting etc.
    • Investigation on cooper-pair formation of high-temperature superconductors
    • Observation and manipulation of charge density wave of strongly-correlated materials
    • Investigation on operation mechanism and optimization of perovskite solar cell
  • Representative performance
    • Demonstration of the world-fastest camera for observing atomic/molecular structure

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