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Kitae Lee

Director / Principal Researcher He developed a millimeter-wave free-electron laser (FEL) in 1995 and a compact terahertz FEL in 2000. He won the International FEL Prize at the International FEL Conference of 2013 for his contribution to the FEL field. Recently, he is dedicated to develope a ultrafast electron diffraction facility which has the best temporal accuracy in the world (~tens femtoseconds) and use it for ultrafast science.
  • Kitae Lee Principal Researcher Laser-Plasma Interaction Study
  • Kyu-Ha Jang Principal Researcher Development of RF Gun and TR-RHEED
  • In Hyung Baek Senior Researcher Laser & Accelerator Photonics
  • Key Young Oang Senior Researcher Ultrafast Atomic & Molecular Dynamics Study
  • Sangyoon Bae Candidate of Doctor Development of Free Electron Laser
  • Hyun Woo Kim Post Doctor Development of Quantum-beam-based Application Technology
  • Ha-Na Kim Post Doctor Proton Accelerator by Laser-Plasma Interaction Study
  • Woo Je Ryu Candidate of Doctor Electron Beam by Laser-Plasma Interaction Study
  • Sunjeong Park Post Doctor Development of Quantum-beam-based Application Technology
  • Taesik Yoon Candidate of Master Development of the Modulator for Magnetron
  • Sergey Miginskiy Foreign Researcher Particle Accelerators Study
  • Young-jae Jang Candidate of Doctor Construction a Beamline of X-ray Generation
  • Hyeon Sang Bark Post Doctor
  • Hyun Sook Cho Research assistant