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10 KAERI Provides Technical Support to Ghana to Support its Preparation to Introduce Nuclear Power

KAERI Provides Technical Support to Ghana to Support its Preparation to Introduce Nuclear Power
- Providing the software for safety assessment of nuclear power plants to Ghana Atomic Energy Commission -
- Recognized as the world’s best risk assessment technology  for multi-unit nuclear power plants -

□ According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 10 African countries, including Egypt and Ghana, are positively considering or already promoting the introduction of nuclear power plants. Notably, the global nuclear industry is paying close attention to Ghana because it is accelerating its preparatory works to introduce nuclear power plants by implementing the IAEA’s nuclear power plant introduction program and establishing nuclear-related organizations. In this situation, a government-funded research institute has begun cooperation with Ghana in the field of nuclear energy before nuclear industries start the work.

□ The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) announced on August 31 that it will provide the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) with the AIMS-MUPSA software for the safety assessment of nuclear power plants, free of charge, for five years.
   ※ AIMS-MUPSA: Advanced Information Management System for Multi-Unit Probabilistic Safety Assessment
 ㅇ With Canada, Russia and China, KAERI has participated in the IAEA’s international joint research program for risk assessment for multi-unit nuclear power plants. Also, through joining in the joint research program, Ghana has experienced KAERI’s excellent technology and requested technical support in the area of safety assessment. KAERI has decided to provide the technology free of charge in order to support nuclear developing countries  and to further establish a stable cooperative relationship with Ghana.

□ The AIMS-MUPSA software, which will be provided to Ghana, was firstly developed by Korea to assess the comprehensive safety of multi-unit nuclear power plants in a single site like in Korea. Many countries in the world have independently developed their own assessment technologies, but the AIMS-MUPSA software, developed by KAERI, is evaluated as the world’s best technology as it could be readily applied to large nuclear power plant sites.
 ㅇ In Korea, KAERI has already transferred the technology to many companies and universities, including the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power(KHNP) and the KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company(KEPCO E&C). From 2006 to last year, KAERI also exported the FTREX software, a calculation program embedded in the AIMS-MUPSA, to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA,  in a total amount of 2 billion KRW.
     ※ FTREX (Fault Tree Reliability Evaluation eXpert)

□  Dr. Park Won-seok, President of KAERI, said, “KAERI has the world’s best technology for assessing the risks of nuclear power plants, and we will continually serve as the driving force to export Korea’s excellent nuclear technologies to Ghana as well as many other developing countries that have plans to introduce nuclear power plants.”

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