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10 KAERI Teams Up with Osaka Univ. on Radiation Research

KAERI Teams Up with Osaka Univ. on Radiation Research
- KAERI Convenes the 4th KAERI-Osaka Univ. Joint Workshop on Radiation Research-

□ KAERI’s radiation experts teamed up with experts from Osaka university on discovering the secrets of substances by using advanced radiation technology.

□ KAERI (Acting President: Baek, Won-pil) convened the 4th KAERI – Osaka Univ. Joint Workshop on Radiation Research at KAERI on March 5, 2019.

ㅇ Since 2014, the joint workshop has been held annually alternately in the two institutions to share research results obtained through the world-class accelerator-based ultrafast radiation facilities of the two institutions.

ㅇ The 4th Workshop was jointly organized by the Ultrafast Radiation Laboratory of the Radiation Science Institute of KAERI (Dr. Jeong, Yeong-uk) and the Division of Proton Beam Science of the Industrial Science Institute of Osaka University (Professor Yoichi Yoshida).

□ At the Joint Workshop, the two institutions presented a collection of the cutting-edge radiation technologies and application research results. Various research results in the field of fundamental studies were presented, including “Study on Molecular Dynamics by using Femtosecond Time-Resolved Electron Diffraction,” presented by Dr. Wang, Gi-yeong of KAERI, and “Attosecond/Femtosecond Pulse Radiation Resolution Technology,” presented by Professor Yoshida of Osaka University.

ㅇ This workshop covered not only fundamental research on substances but also results from various fields of application, including artificial photosynthetic materials and next-generation solar cells, as well as their prospects.

□ KAERI has an ultrafast radiation facility that allows direct observation of the movement of atoms and molecules at the fastest speeds in the world. Osaka University has a femtosecond (10-15 sec) electron beam radiation resolution facility that allows spectroscopic analysis of decomposed materials. Since the radiation facilities of the two institutions are mutually complementary, the sharing of research results may create synergic effects. In the workshop, the world-class, cutting-edge analytical technologies and research results were intercompared for dimensional analysis of true nature of substances.

□ Lim, In-cheol, the head of the Radiation Science Institute of KAERI, stated, “In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the conventional method of developing a new material by simply combining substances has limitations, and it is more important to understand the ultimate mechanisms of substances.” He also added, “We will continue our efforts to strengthen international cooperation with overseas institutions in the fields of advanced fundamental technology.”


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