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System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor

  • SMART is a small sized integral reactor that generates a rated thermal power of 330MW . It can produce 100MW of electricity, or 90 MW of electricity and 40,000 tons of desalinated water concurrently.

  • After the endeavored effort of 15-year development, SMART obtained Standard Design Approval (SDA) on July 4th of 2012 from the Korean nuclear regulatory authority. SMART is the first licensed integral reactor in the world. SMART will open the small reactor era with greatly enhanced safety, competitive economics and diversified utilizations.

Innovative Concept

All Primary Components in Reactor Vessel
Modularization for Field Installation and Maintenance
Passive Residual Heat Removal
Fully Digitalized Control System

Proven Technologies

Ensure Licensibility and Supply Chain
17x17 UO2 Fuel Assembly
Large Dry Containment Building
Control Rod Drive Mechanism

The Deployable Real Integral Reactor

Energy needed for Small Grid, Replacement of Fossil Power Plant, Desalination, District Heating, and more…
Enhanced Safety

Passive Residual Heat Removal system
- 4 Trains
- 20 days grace period against Fukushima-type accident

Competitive Economics

Lower Generation cost than Gas and Oil Plant
Shorter Construction Period
Lower Initial Investment than Large NPP
Minimum Investment to Electricity Grid System
Small Site or Existing Fossil Plant Site Utilized
Few Operation Staffs