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KAERI is contributing to the advancement of nuclear technology
and the enhancement of a national competitiveness by conducting
nuclear policy research, implementing nuclear manpower
development and promoting cooperation with industry, academia
and research institutes at home and abroad.

Nuclear Policy Study

Nuclear Policy Study
KAERI is conducting nuclear policy research to assist the government in establishing a national nuclear policy and its efficient implementation. To this end, KAERI is laying out a future-oriented vision by providing analysis and the perspectives of nuclear related trends at home and abroad, a quick collection and analysis of nuclear information, and a policy study on nuclear utilization and development.

  • Analysis and perspectives of nuclear related trends at home and abroad
  • Analysis of nuclear policies and looking for alternatives
  • Laying out a future vision for an energy security and a national economic development

Nuclear Manpower Training

Nuclear Manpower Training
KAERI is committed to fostering nuclear manpower by providing specialized technical education and training programs for employees working in nuclear energy fields from governments, research institutes and industries as well as on-the-job training for college students studying science and engineering.

KAERI will continue to play an important role as an international nuclear manpower development center by fostering domestic nuclear manpower and providing extensive international nuclear education and training programs. Furthermore, it also contributes to the local community by providing information education as well as by operating a nuclear camp for children.

  • Offering specialized technical education and training programs for nuclear employees as well as on-the-job training for college students
  • Providing information education to local residents and operating a nuclear camp for the local community
  • Designated by the IAEA as a ’Center of Excellence‘ for nuclear education / training
  • Opening of the International Nuclear Education and Training Center (INTEC) in 2002
  • Hosting the World Nuclear University(WNU) Summer Institute in Korea in 2007

Nuclear Technology Cooperation

Nuclear Technology Cooperation
KAERI is promoting commercialization of its R/D results, by transferring its intellectual property rights and research results. KAERI established the nation’s first technology invested company(Sunbiotec Co.) and helped established venture firms. KAERI has signed 177 technology transfer contracts (including 77 contacts free of charge) by 2006.

KAERI had supported the establishment of 21 venture firms under the wing of the business incubation center. Sunbiotec Co. which KAERI established as a technology invested company was selected as the best research institute investment company of 2005 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It became a new model for the commercialization of research outcomes from government supported research institutes.