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KAERI is endeavoring to create next-generation growth engines by
synthesizing advanced nuclear technologies and futuristic
cutting edge technologies. We are vigorously pursuing a high
power proton accelerator development, laser optics research and
nuclear fusion research.

Proton Accelerator Development

Proton Accelerator Development
KAERI is developing a high power proton accelerator, proton beam application technologies and accelerator application technologies in order to secure the fundamental technologies essential for advancing contemporary science and technology and enhancing Korea’s industrial competitiveness. The proton accelerator and proton beam utilization technology will provide advanced processing and analysis technologies for materials at an atomic scale, which will be the basis for the industrial technologies in the 21st century.

With the proton accelerator program, KAERI will play a vital role to promote Korea’s leadership in science and technology innovation.

  • Development of proton accelerator control technology and beam instrumentation
  • Research on manufacturing a superconducting accelerator tube module and the development of beam distribution equipment
  • Supplying a 20MeV proton beam and fabrication of a 60MeV proton accelerator module
  • Development of a 100MeV, 20mA linear proton accelerator
  • Technology transfer and incubation of high-tech venture businesses

Nuclear Fusion Technology

Nuclear Fusion Technology
KAERI is at the forefront of nuclear fusion research, laying a stepping stone for the future by using plasma, beam utilization, and radio frequency technology. KAERI has conducted nuclear fusion research since the 1980s and designed, manufactured and operated small and medium fusion research devices of KT-1, KT-2. KAERI has also acquired fundamental technology on fusion research by participating in national and international fusion R/D projects including KSTAR and ITER.

KAERI will continue to make efforts to develop an unlimited clean energy source for the future by linking nuclear technology, which has already reached a world - class level, with fusion technology.

  • Design and manufacturing of KT-1, KT-2, small and medium nuclear fusion research devices
  • Development of a neutral beam injection system, a radio frequency heating device
  • Design of a fusion reactor and the development of its material technology
  • Utilization of plasma and radio frequency technology in defense, medicine, environment and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Participation in national and international fusion R/D projects (KSTAR, ITER)

Laser Technology

Laser & Robot Technology
KAERI is developing the production technology for a stable isotope by using laser pumping and coherent laser technology which can produce a high energy in a small space. These technologies will be important tools for the development of advanced materials and an advancement of the next generation of science technology. KAERI plans to connect the basic technologies for the development of the next generation of medical technology and nuclear fusion energy development with its own developed laser technology.

  • Development of an optical pumping system and the production of medical isotopes
  • Miniaturization of accelerators for a cancer treatment and the development of the next generation of medical diagnosis technology