Radiation Fusion
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KAERI is developing high value-added new technologies by combining
radiation technology (RT) and new technological fields such as BT, ET,
IT, NT and ST with a focus on the Jeongeup Advanced Radiation
Technology Institute as a hub.

Radiation Food Technology & Agriculture

Radiation Agriculture & Hygiene
KAERI is making efforts to develop high value-added foods and biomaterials by the fusion of radiation technology and food technology, and to establish the hygiene (sterilization) technology of food, medical apparatus, and medicinal herb. Also KAERI is developing the new plant genetic resources and cultivars by use of the mutation breeding technology to gain the competitiveness for bioresource security.

  • Development of high value-added special purpose foods (space foods, military foods, patient foods)
  • Development of technology for food processing, sanitation, removing harmful ingredients
  • Improvement of biological molecular structures and the development of new bio-materials
  • Development of new special purpose plant cultivars and plant-derived bioactive compounds
  • Mass production of genetic resources by mutation breeding and functional genomics research

Radiation Biotechnology

Radiation Biotechnology
KAERI is trying to contribute to strengthening the national competitiveness in the bioindustry of Korea by developing the high value-added bio products, the production process of biomaterials, and the medical and industrial application of radiogenomics.

  • Biological effects of radiation and their mechanisms in animal, plants, and microorganism
  • Development of natural biological modulators for immune modulation, antioxidation, and anti-aging using radiation biomodels
  • Search of the unique genes/metabolites from radioresistant microorganisms and their industrial application
  • Mass production of beneficial compounds using radiation cell culture technology, and radiation-applied biofuel production process development
  • Discovery of useful genomic resources using radiogenomics and their application

Radiation Industry & Environment

Radiation Industry & Environment
KAERI is also developing the manufacturing technology for various functional materials for industrial applications by radiation and solving environmental problems including wastewater and air pollution. Radiation industry technology is contributing to the development of an advanced science and industry in the fields of polymer, electronics, aerospace, automobile, and defense. It is being utilized in various areas such as the functional material synthesis, radioisotope tracer technology and radiation detection instrumentation technology.
Radiation environment technology is widely used to develop the treatment technology for waste, wastewater, ground water, soil, and air pollution. It utilizes the radiation properties of an oxidation-reduction, a sterilization, and a detoxification of toxic chemicals.

  • Development of the manufacturing technology for medical, composite and nano materials
  • Development of the fundamental technology for radiation detection instruments
  • Development of the technology for material performance improvement by an ion implantation
  • Development of the treatment technology for the PCBs of waste transformer insulating oils
  • Development of organic fertilizer production technology by using organic waste resources
  • Development of textile dye wastewater treatment technology