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KAERI is utilizing the 30MW capacity of HANARO, the nation’s first
multi-purpose research reactor, constructed by its own
technologies in 1995 for various R/D activities.

Research Reactor Management

Research Reactor Management
In 1995 KAERI launched HANARO, a multi-purpose research reactor with a world-class high neutron flux, and it has made every possible effort to safely and effectively operate it until now. Kaeri is making considerable efforts to install new equipments as well as a facility refurbishment while strengthening efforts to provide the support activities to meet the ever growing needs of the HANARO users.

KAERI will continue with its efforts to make HANARO an important vehicle for advancing Korea’s national science and technology and match its reputation as the only research reactor in Korea.

  • Improving the safety of HANARO and increasing its utilization
  • Providing support for research reactor utilization activities to domestic industries, academia, and research institutes
  • Construction of a new Fuel Test Loop(FTL) at HANARO
  • Construction of a cold neutron research facility

Research Reactor Engineering

Research Reactor Engineering
KAERI performs development, application, analysis and evaluation of engineering technology of the research reactors and related experimental facilities. Researches currently being performed include the development of research reactors with excellent performance, safety and economic feasibility for the global market, as well as neutron irradiation experiments and developing new experimentation techniques to carry out comprehensive performance tests on materials and fuels, contributing to the enhancement of safety and economy of domestic nuclear power plants and to provide important design data for the development of next-generation reactor technology. Moreover, KAERI is also establishing research facilities of cold neutrons, to provide cutting edge analytical methods for nano and bio material structure researches, thereby, contributing to the enhancement of related industrial fields.

  • Research Reactor Key Technology Development
  • Irradiation Capsule Technology Development
  • Fuel Irradiation Technology Development
  • Establishment of Cold Neutron Research Facility

Research Reactor Utilization Technology

Research Reactor Utilization Technology
KAERI is utilizing HANARO in scientific and technological areas where other scientific approaches are impossible to understand. Using the high flux of HANARO, scientists and researchers can understand the micro structure of materials, can develop new materials and pharmaceuticals, and can enhance the safety level of structural materials used in the industry.

KAERI will continue with its efforts to develop and install various kinds of experimental equipments for a further development of the HANARO utilization technology and will produce as many research outcomes as possible.

  • Test on the performance of nuclear fuels and radiation detectors
  • Analysis of infinitesimal elements and understanding how air pollution spreads
  • Production of medical and industrial radioisotopes
  • Development of advanced materials including high quality semiconductors
  • Development of neutron radiography facilities for a thorough examination of industrial components

Radioisotope Application Research

Radioisotope Application Research
KAERI is supplying radioisotopes and their application technologies, which have been utilized in various areas at home and abroad. Currently, KAERI-produced RIs are used in such various areas for medicine, industry, agriculture and life sciences.

KAERI will focus its efforts on developing new radio-materials, along with its production and application technology for RIs, while expanding the application scope and the export overseas.

  • Development of a Holmium-166 chitosan complex(new pharmaceutical No.3) as a therapeutic agent for incurable diseases
  • Development of an iodine-131 capsule for the treatment of thyroid gland
  • Development of an iridium-192 source for medical use and non-destructive test
  • Development of technology for the diagnosis of an internal flowing malfunction of industrial equipment at oil refineries and for the petrochemical companies
  • Diagnosis of large-scale industrial processing facilities and the exploitation of environment resources