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Irradiation Facilities

  • Cobalt-60 sources produce two gamma rays with energies of 1.17 MeV and 1.33 MeV. A gamma irradiator can be used for research and development in the fields of polymer engineering, microbiology, food technology, and environment engineering.
Cobalt-60 sources produce two gamma rays with energies

High level gamma irradiator

  • Manufacturer : MDS Nordion, Canada
  • Activity (kCi) : 490
  • Device type : Wet source storage irradiator
  • isotope : Co-60
  • Pool size (m) : 1.9 x 3.5 x 5.15 (H)
  • Container (m) : 1.9 x 3.5 x 1.3 (H)

Low level gamma irradiator

  • Activity (kCi) : 3
  • Device type : Dry source storage irradiator
  • isotope : Co-60
  • Container (m) : 2(D), 0.38 (H)
Low level gamma irradiator
  • A linear electron accelerator is an instrument that generates a high-energy electron beam, The electrons are emitted from an electron source and then accelerated by using a high-voltage in a vacuum space. Because of its short treatment time, its industrial applications are increasing.
Linear electron accelerator
  • The ion implanter is an instrument for the surface modification of a material by injecting ions, which are generated by accelerating gaseous ions such as H, He, N, Ar, Kr, Xe, and Ne.
Ion implanter

Central Instrument Facilities

  • Instrumental analysis support for the RFT research field and industry-university-research institute cooperation as a national authorized analytical laboratory.
    Classification Instrument holdings
    Radical quarantine ESR, PSL, TL
    Qualitative/Quantitative analysis HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC-MS/MS
    Spectroscopic analysis NMR, IR, MALDI-TOF, ICP-MS, TOC
    RI analysis TLC imaging scanner, Gamma counter, Multi channel analyzer
    Polymer analysis DMA, GPC, Rheometer, DSC/DTA/TGA
    Cell/Molecular biology analysis PCR, ELISA, FACS, SEM, Genomic laboratory system, Automatic genetic analyzer
Central Instrument Facilities