Cold Neutron Research Facilities
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Cold Neutron Research Facilities

  • Cold Neutron Laboratory Building

    Cold Neutron Laboratory Building

  • The newly developed three cold neutron instruments are aimed to be world class instruments that make the best use of the property of available cold neutrons. The 40M-SANS and the Cold-TAS will be available in early 2010 and mid 2010, respectively, after performance tests. A preliminary performance test of the DC-TOF will be done by early 2011 with a partially manufactured part of the machine. In addition, The High Resolution Small Angle Neutron Spectrometer(HR-SANS) driven by Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) will be installed in mid 2010. Existing instruments that will be moved from the reactor hall: the 8M-SANS, REF-V, and REF-H that are in operation in the reactor hall will be moved to the cold neutron guide hall after upgrading their performances to be suited for cold neutrons. Specifically, the 8M-SANS will be extended to 12M-SANS, and the REF-H will be modified to a BIO-REF optimized for biological samples. All three moving instruments will start operating early in 2010 after performance tests

  • Layout of the Cold Neutron Scattering Instruments

    Layout of the Cold Neutron Scattering Instruments