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Shin Kori 3 achieves 389 days' uninterrupted operation (The Korea Times)

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Shin Kori 3 achieves 389 days' uninterrupted operation (The Korea Times)
By Yoon Ja-young

Shin Kori Unit 3, an advanced nuclear reactor developed by Korea, recorded 389 days of continuous operation. It is the reference reactor for a nuclear power plant that Korea is building in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), it suspended operation of Shin Kori Unit 3 last Friday, for scheduled preventive maintenance. The reactor had been operating continuously for 389 days since December 2016 when construction was completed.

Developed with technology developed in Korea, the advanced nuclear power plant boasts enhanced safety, economic efficiency and convenience in comparison to a conventional 1 million kW nuclear reactor.

Its generation capacity is 1.4 million kW - a 40 percent increase compared to the existing 1 million kW model _ and its lifespan is 60 years, a 50 percent increase from the conventional 40 years.

The 389 days of continuous operation with zero failures is regarded as a milestone when considering that newly developed nuclear reactors often go through various trials and errors, including unexpected halts in operation, prior to achieving operational stability.

As KHNP has demonstrated the excellence in construction and operation of Shin Kori Unit 3, it expects momentum for its nuclear power exports.

"Although this is an outstanding achievement, we will not let pride get in the way of ensuring that all members of KHNP do their best to maintain the safety standards up to people's expectations," a spokesman said.

During the first cycle of operation, Shin Kori 3 generated 13,730 GWh, which is equivalent to 67 percent and 43 percent of the annual power use of Busan and Ulsan in 2016, respectively, significantly contributing to the country's power supply. Shin Kori Unit 3 is set to resume operation after undergoing three months of thorough preventive maintenance.

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