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KHNP Established Big Data-based System for Nuclear Power Plant Diagnosis (The Business Korea)

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KHNP Established Big Data-based System for Nuclear Power Plant Diagnosis (The Business Korea)

12 January 2018
By Jung Min-hee

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) announced on January 11 that it developed the world’s first big data-based system for the purpose of predictive nuclear power plant diagnosis, that is, predictive and pre-malfunctioning monitoring, analysis and assessment of nuclear power generation facilities.

The system is characterized by connecting the monitoring systems of the 24 atomic power stations across the country to each other online and comprehensively controlling equipment like turbines and stator coolant pumps by using the IoT and real-time data transmission and reception. The system is capable of diagnosing 16,000 different equipment units in advance and is expected to contribute significantly to nuclear safety.

KHNP opens an office for integrated predictive diagnosis in Daejeon City within this month so that the utility of the system can be maximized.

In addition, the state-run energy company is planning to unveil its automatic prediction and diagnosis system for 240 out of the 16,000 equipment units in August this year and apply wireless sensors, 3D virtualization and so on to all of the equipment units by May 2020 before completing the expansion of the automatic prediction and diagnosis system and addition of functions like malfunctioning analysis to the system. A total of 40 billion won (US$36 million) is scheduled to be invested in the project

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