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KAERI and K.A.CARE signed SMART PPE Agreement

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KAERI and K.A.CARE signed SMART PPE Agreement

KAERI signed a cooperation agreement with the King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) for building SMART reactors and developing human resources capability to run them in in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on September 2, 2015
The signing ceremony was held at the K.A.CARE headquarters in the presence of KAERI President Dr. Jong Kyung Kim, K.A.CARE President Dr. Hashim Yamani, and representatives and leading nuclear experts from both countries, including Mr. Jin Soo Kim, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Hai Joo Moon, Director General of the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning of the Republic of Korea.
Dr. J. K. Kim and Dr. Waleed Abul Faraj, deputy president of K.A.CARE signed several contracts, which aim at building partnership to establish knowledge infrastructure in SMART technology fields, such as designing and building reactors and maintaining their mechanical and safety features.

These contracts aim at achieving actual partnership to establish an infrastructure knowledge in the scopes of the techniques of small Korean compact reactor SMART, as follows:
1.  Cooperation and joint construction in designing the core of SMART reactor
2. Cooperation and joint construction in the fluid system design of SMART technology
3.  Cooperation and joint construction in the mechanical design of SMART technology
4.  Cooperation and joint construction for the design of interaction between the machine and the user of Cooperation and joint construction.
5.  Cooperation and joint construction in Safety Analysis of Cooperation and joint construction

The signing of Agreement demonstrated KSA’s eagerness to harness alternative energy sources for power generation and water desalination.
The signing of Agreement came in the framework of the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two countries following a meeting between South Korean President Park Guen-hye and King Salman in Riyadh in March this year.
Under the deal, the two countries will conduct a three-year preliminary study to review the feasibility of constructing SMART reactors in Saudi Arabia. The MOU also calls for the two countries to cooperate on the commercialization and promotion of the SMART reactor to third countries.
Korea and Saudi Arabia signed a cooperation agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy in November 2011. The agreement covers research and development, design, development and operation of a nuclear power plant and nuclear safety and security issues, as well as laying the legal foundations for the export of nuclear technology.
SMART is a 330 MWt pressurized water reactor with integral steam generators and advanced safety features. The unit is designed for electricity generation as well as thermal applications, such as seawater desalination, with a 60-year design life and three-year refueling cycle.


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