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Science and Technology Council Formed to Boost National Defense 

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Science and Technology Council Formed to Boost National Defense

- Research institutes sign MOU to strengthen national defense -

- Convergence of science and technology seen as key to success in future warfare -

The leaders of Korea’s science and technology have gathered to strengthen national defense based on cutting-edge technology.

On January 31, a “memorandum of understanding (MOU) among research institutes for enhanced national defense capabilities” was signed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (President Jae-joo Ha), the Agency for Defense Development (President Sae-kyu Nam), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (President Byung-gwon Lee), the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (President Chun-hong Park), the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (President Sanghoon Lee), and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (President Cheol-ho Lim).

The MOU is a follow-up to the agreement signed between the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of National Defense last December to strengthen national defense based on science and technology. The fundamental technologies and research capacities of government-funded research institutes were recognized as essential to improving national defense capabilities.

Under the MOU, the research institutes and the defense agency have established an R&D cooperation platform, which begins with technology demand identification, followed by research and development, and lastly, utilization.

The six research institutes that have signed the MOU will cooperate actively to develop technology for national defense, and operate a central research center to oversee research in key areas while expanding the number of participating institutes.

The heads of institutes have formed a council to facilitate information exchange and cooperation. The council will be supported by a working committee and technical committees in their respective fields. Two co-chairs, one representing the science and technology sector and one representing the defense sector, were selected from among the heads of the institutes. The position was filled by Jae-joo Ha, the president of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, and Sae-kyu Nam, the president of the Agency for Defense Development.

President Jae-joo Ha said, “I hope that the MOU will have a practical impact, allowing military personnel to protect the citizens more efficiently. The institute will concentrate its resources, including its technological competence in nuclaer energy and radiation, to boost Korea’s national defense.”

President Sae-kyu Nam added, “Today’s signing ceremony has laid the foundation for a virtuous system of cooperation between national defense R&D and national R&D. By cooperating closely with one another and building our R&D capabilities, we will be able to provide innovative solutions to national security threats.”

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