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KAERI Advanced Radiation Technology Institute, Re-Designated as an IAEA Collaborating Center

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kaeri advanced radiation technology institute,
re-designated as an iaea collaborating center

The advanced radiation technology institute under the korea atomic energy research institute has been re-designated as an official collaborating center of the international atomic energy agency in the area of radiation technology. arti was previously designated an iaea partner in 2012 in three areas: the environment, advanced materials, and food. now, with the field of biotechnology added, arti will serve as an official collaborating center of the iaea for an additional 4-year period in these four areas beginning in december 2017.

Iaea collaborating centers are a global network supporting technical research and education/training related to nuclear energy and radiation promoted by the iaea. the centers operate for 4-year terms from the date of designation. a total of 25 collaborating centers in 20 countries have been designated worldwide.

Being re-designated as a collaborating center in 2017, arti is expected to form a close collaborative relationship with the iaea and play an active role on the global stage as a donor country of radiation technology. with this renwed designation, arti will serve as the hub for radiation technology in the asia-pacific region by providing training to experts in developing countries, participating in research programs for applied radiation technology, seconding iaea experts in the field of radiation, and hosting international technical meetings and workshops organized by the iaea.

In 2006, arti launched a  collaborative e-learning project in the area of food production, as designated by the iaea. in 2012, when arti was first designated a collaborating center, its area of collaboration was expanded to include the environment and advanced materials. as biotechnology has been added for this year’s re-designation, arti is now required to collaborate in four areas, encompassing all research areas at arti. this achievement is in recognition of korea’s excellence in radiation research.

On november 28, a ceremony was held in the iaea headquarters in austria to bestow the iaea collaborating center signboard, attended by iaea deputy director general, aldo malavasi, and the korean minister to austria, seungcheol lim. “korea is the world’s leading country for radiation convergent technology,” said arti’s director jeong. “our institution will ensure close cooperation with the iaea, and endeavor to serve as an iaea collaborating center to contribute to the development, distribution, and dissemination of radiation technology both domestically and internationally.”


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