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Korea’s HANARO Research Reactor Resumes Operation

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korea’s hanaro research reactor resumes operation

The korea atomic energy research institute restarted operation of its hanaro research reactor at 8 a.m. on december 5 following authorization of the nuclear safety and security commission.

* Hanaro: high-performing multipurpose research reactor designed and built independently by kaeri with a thermal power capacity of 30 mw.

Held on november 30, the 75th nuclear safety and security commission meeting passed a proposal for the reoperation of hanaro d on an uation and the inspection results of the reactor building’s seismic reinforcement. subsequently, kaeri and kins made the final decision to restart the research reactor on december 5, after previous discussions over the inspection results on december 4.

After its interruption in july 2014, until this past november, hanaro had gone through seismic reinforcement, civil group verification, and nssc inspections. kaeri undertook the seismic reinforcement through consultation with the nssc as part of a follow-up to the joint governmental inspection. this inspection was conducted in response to the accident of the fukushima nuclear power plant. since april, kaeri performed an additional verification of this work in partnership with the city’s civil group, and beginning in october, inspections required for authorization by nssc were implemented.

The restart of hanaro will allow kaeri to once again actively engage in radioisotope production and neutron utilization for basic r&d activities and industry requirements. the resumed radioisotope production will contribute to meeting the needs of hospitals and the industry, as well as to medical welfare through its uses in childhood cancer medicine and nondestructive inspections. the research reactor will also support basic r&d for future industry needs, for example, graphene and secondary batteries, and will cater to the needs of the industry for advanced technologies such as fuel cells.


In addition, kaeri will strive to build trust with the public through enhanced safety of its facilities. to this end, the institute will go through seismic reinforcement and an environmental impact assessment of its waste facility, and will maintain transparency in the sharing of information regarding its research activities and facilities.

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